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"HUAYMANTA" Civil Construction Department was created in 1947 in the city of La Oroya, in the Peruvian Highlands. Ever since, this Department has been active in the execution, installation and maintenance of the main industrial infrastructure projects that were directly or indirectly involved in  the production process of the private mining company "Cerro de Pasco Cooper Corporation". The "Cerro de Pasco Copper Corporation" company was later acquired by the public enterprise “CENTROMIN PERÚ S.A.”. After that, the Department of Civil Construction "HUAYMANTA" became the Corporate Division of Civil Construction "HUAYMANTA".

Today, after of the privatization processes of the production units of “CENTROMÍN PERU S.A.” we have become the corporation "HUAYMANTA S.A.", a private Holding dedicated to provide services of engineering, mining, construction, and supply of raw materials and heavy machinery for the mining and metallurgic industries.

We develop from the mystic and passion of the enterprising and visionary miner who is always searching for his targets. Mystique, passion, courage and vision, are the principles that we embrace, practice and transfer to our stakeholders in order to grow together in harmony with the environment and the society.